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Sphere Of Influence (by Andre Chaperon)
Coming Early 2018
HAVE YOU EVER wondered what separates the sales pages that convert at 1-3%, from the ones that convert at 5-20% (and in many cases way higher)?

The answer is often less to do with the sales page copy itself, and more to do with what happened to the visitor BEFORE they arrived at the sales page (and in many cases, long before).

Think about that.

Let it sink in.

It’s how I achieved a 46.8% conversion rate selling something for $97 (this was 8 years ago):

This was BECAUSE of what I exposed a segment of my audience to BEFORE they were even given the opportunity to purchase. Before they even knew I was selling anything.

I once used to sell a $127 product for years … WITHOUT there ever being a sales page.

(There was only a direct to cart order link, and the “preselling” component was all delivered as emails preceding that point.)

… and it’s how I achieved a $106.63 EPC from just 187 visitors (selling someone else’s product).

(By the way, have you worked out the sales conversion on the above campaign? 40 sales of a $997 product from 187 visitors = 21.39%.)

Over a decade ago … back in 2005 I started to experiment with preselling (but not how you think of “preselling”).

As in doing and saying things to a prospect, in a logical sequence, before ever exposing them to an opportunity to buy anything.

At the time I was operating exclusively as an affiliate. It’s how I cut my teeth. It was the best way to learn, bar none, because I only got paid when I performed and produced real results.

I then applied Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Preeminence to what I was doing, and it immediately “LEVELED UP” the effects I was getting.

Since then I’ve iterated on it, and have developed a workhorse system that works every time, without fail.

This isn’t just about the art of preselling. 99.99% of people trying to “presell” are amateurs (producing amateur results).

The rabbit hole goes way (WAY) deeper than that…

In fact, do you remember in the Matrix when Morpheus explains to Neo that the Matrix is an illusory world created to prevent humans from discovering that they are slaves to an external influence? …

Morpheus & Neo

Holding out two capsules on his palms, he describes the choice facing Neo:

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth—nothing more.”

Well, you have such a choice now…

Because, believe me, the “rabbit hole” that Sphere of Influence will expose you to and send you down, will not only blow your freakin’ mind to pieces.

… but you’ll never be able to look at “preselling” in the same way ever again.

It’ll change your perspective for good. I’ve had second thoughts about releasing this training at all. It’s been “my little secret” for so long.

WARNING: Entering SOI Wonderland may lead to side effects such as: building an audience who are ATTRACTED to you, customers that turn in SUPER-FANS, money, fame, location independent living, and swimsuit models (well, maybe not the later).

I plan to release Sphere of Influence early in 2018 as a live online workshop. The idea is to run these at least twice in 2018.
I shared it with them in an effort to extract their feedback, and then improve how I articulated and sequenced the training.

This was some of their responses after sharing the rough draft with them:


This was incredible! It brings together so many things that I have been thinking about recently. I have so much to say and so much feedback, but I will let it sink in, a little, before I post it.

Having said that, here is my single biggest take-away from it all…

You know when Kevin Spacey playing Verbal Kent in The Usual Suspect says the amazing line:

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist”…

Well, after going through this I would say it this way… “The greatest achievement the best marketer ever did was letting the reader believe marketing didn’t exist”

Thank you for this course Andre. I really appreciate and will use it build awesome things.

— Nate Dye

It’s all about the long-game for me now.

(tips hat to @Andre ). VERY well done sir.

— Lawton Chiles

Now that’s pretty ninja!


(… perhaps I should have started with a BOW!)

E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T !!!

Phew, just been over the whole sequence once again and I’m blown.

There are so many fireworks going off in my head I don’t even know where to start. Will re-look at the whole thing again later this evening and see about adjusting my 12WY plan.

— Boykie

This is an amazing piece of writing and hugely helpful, thanks Andre!

— Jordan Luke

@Andre – incredible, dude.

I’ve been hungry for you to teach this and your explanation of it, especially in Part 2 was incredible.

In the 3 years since I niched myself down into providing IM services (ranking, conversion, lead gen) to roofers, I’ve been thinking about the “Frank vs Matt” example and fleshing out the characteristics of each.

Now I’m already seeing how the story will unfold and where I’ll insert it into the story for the launch of my new community for roofing contractors. An incredible Christmas gift. Thank you!

— Scott A Dennison

@Andre – Just finished this training. Well done, Sir!

You’re very generous to give away this wealth of information. It’s invaluable.

I’m not sure if this is intentional, but the most impressive part to me, however, and it’s VERY IMPRESSIVE, is that…

This is by far your best pre-sale site.

Almost every product (plus an affiliate product) is included. Either through Invisible Influence or through your other PS sites that you link to within the training.

Absolute brilliance. It’s like a lesson within a lesson.

You are the Master!

Wishing you and Anita a fantastic weekend.

— Dave “Completely blown away!” Lopez

15X Cheaper In Exchange For Feedback

I need to expose a few more people to this.

Between now and 2018 I want to “fine tune” it based on real feedback and in-the-field testing (outside of my own head, and how I’ve been applying this for over a decade).

Ultimately, because the nature of this content is so esoteric, I only plan to teach this within a LIVE online project-based workshop setting. The first one being early 2018.

This is why, as a ONE TIME DEAL for ONE DAY ONLY, I’m offering access to this at a fraction of the price I’ll be charging for the live online workshop.

You win (around 15x cheaper), as do I (what I value now, more then money, is FEEDBACK).


… read EVERY WORD of the copy in both the price tables below.

I know some of you will just order blindly because this is something new I’m putting out, and you buy everything of mine.

I’m humbled by that … but please, read all the copy before buying. It’s important so that expectations are clear.

I’m looking for people who won’t just buy this because it’s 15x cheaper, but do nothing with it.

I want (need) the feedback, and I expect everyone who buys, to be on-board with that.

That’s it.

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

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