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Ignite Your Digital Agency by Dee Deng Sales Page

Ignite Your Digital Agency by Dee Deng Sales Page

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Ignite Your Digital Agency by Dee Deng Download

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Ignite Your Digital Agency by Dee Deng mega.nz

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​SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER ENDS IN:    0    DAYS    0    HOURS    0    MINUTE    0    SECONDSFor Service Providers Who Want Something More:How To Turn Your “One Person  Shop” Into A Highly Profitable &  Sustainable Digital AgencyAward Winning Agency Owner Gives You His Step-By-Step Agency Blueprint That Took Him From $0 To $250K Per Month In His First Year!Featured In:Partnered With:    Jason How,    Owner at Agency J    “Dee is the real deal! His sharing led to a breakthrough in our agency operations, allowing us to scale past the initial ceiling we were stuck at.”    “Dee has been with us from less than a million, to now on track to do 20 million this year in our agency. But above being an amazing entrepreneur, Dee’s an even better person.“    brandon fink,    wknd digitalReference: afr.comQuickly Start A Business That  Thrives In Any EconomyNo matter what happens in the world and no matter how uncertain the future or economy is, there’s one thing you can count on…Businesses always need help getting results.They need help with email marketing, branding, graphic or web design, Facebook ads, SEO, social media management, content creation, public relations, and the list goes on.Help them produce results and your life will never be the same.Don’t waitignite now!With No Network This New Agency Owner Quickly Landed 8 New Clients In 6 WeeksWhich is why few businesses can change someone’s life as fast as a digital agency can.Because not only can it be launched essentially overnight with little to no capital…When built the right way from the very start, a digital agency can quickly take you from being a wildly talented and creative “one person shop” who sometimes feels overworked and underpaid…To being a business owner with no ceiling on what’s possible for you!You’re in control of what kind of clients you take on…You’re in control of the work you do and when you do it…You’re in control of the team you build and the culture you create…Plus you’re in control of how much income you want to reach for each month and how big (or small) you want your agency to be.All while feeling fulfilled, energized, and filled with purpose as you’re helping change the futures of the businesses you work with!It’s a business model which offers the kind of location independence, profitability, and security that other more capital intensive or location locked opportunities simply can’t.Just One Simple Funnel And 2-3 “Lighthouse Clients”But the best part? You don’t need a lot of clients!You can create a profitable 5-figure a month digital agency with just one simple funnel and 2-3 “lighthouse retainer clients” without sacrificing your work life balance.And you can even start it on the side of your existing 9-5.But to be clear, to build this kind of agency, you need to have a model to follow!Because Even The Best Agency Owners Can’t “Outwork” A Bad ModelWhen starting and building a digital agency, your model matters.How you market yourself, find new clients, negotiate retainers, fulfill your service, get paid, etc…it all matters and impacts how profitable and sustainable your agency can be.Because no matter how hard an agency owner works, they can’t outwork a bad model!your model mattersUse the right model and follow a proven framework…You’ll build a dream agency business, work with amazing clients, and bring in a consistently high monthly profit with very little client churn. People envy those who have a business like this.Plus you’ll position your agency and your offer so differently that you stand out from even the “more established” agencies in your niche.But those who use the wrong model or have nothing at all to guide themAre constantly chasing potential prospects.Work with the “wrong” kind of clients.Make promises they can’t deliver on.Charge less than they’re worth.Lose opportunities to others.They end up trapped in the rat race but they’re the ones building the trap.But if you’re willing to put in the work and follow some simple advice, it doesn’t have to be this way!You Don’t Have To Do It Alone! Follow A Proven Agency ModelInstead wouldn’t it make sense to listen to someone who’s been where you are and grew his agency from zero to 8 clients in 6 weeks and hit $250,000 months in his first year?!Instead of guessing on how to find clients, how much to charge, how to structure retainers, how to hire a great team and effectively delegate work…Wouldn’t it be easier to…    Follow his step-by-step advice to build your agency from scratch    Build his “sales machine” that attracts your perfect clients daily    Use all of his templates, client contracts, retainer agreements    Apply his “client delight system” for making your clients love you    Scale your client load and revenue without “breaking” your business    Learn how he manages the finances for his multi-million dollar agency    And so much more?!Plus his award winning agency has thousands of clients and 115+ employees…So it’s easy for him to show you how to serve a small group of high-paying and happy clients (normally 2-3 a month) while being highly profitable at the same time!Well, here’s the good news…It’s Called The AgencyGrowth Triangle…Because Acquisition Alone Isn’tEnough To Build A Sustainable Agency!Most “gurus” urge you to focus ruthlessly on just “more sales”. But when “more sales” is your sole focus, you tend to come across as transactional and needy.Getting new clients is just one pillar. To build a profitable, sustainable, and fast growing agency, you need to have all three in place.1PILLAR ONE: ACQUISITIONIt all starts with having an acquisition system in place which attracts your perfect client. A client who respects your work, your schedule, and is happy to pay well for the promised results.But if you have great acquisition but poor fulfillment…Your revenue might spike in the beginning, but your clients won’t stick around long term.2PILLAR TWO: FULFILLMENTNext you need to have a front-to-back process in place to fulfill your service, manage clients, and consistently create a “can’t get this anywhere else” kind of client experience.But if you have great fulfillment but horrible acquisition…Sales moves slowly, it’s difficult to scale, and your finances take a hit.3PILLAR THREE: FINANCEFinally you need a clear financial structure in place so your agency is healthy, profitable, growing and is sustainable for the long term.If you have great acquisition and fulfillment but poor finance:You’ll work hard and make less while your hard-earned profits are leaking in places you don’t even know.About Foundr’s New Course: Ignite Your Digital AgencyA Complete Blueprint For Building A Profitable, Impactful, & Sustainable Digital Agency    Start-To-Finish Agency Blueprint: Find your purpose, your niche, your ideal client and go from a “one man shop” to an agency that grows as big as you want. It’s all here.    Proven Client Acquisition System: Learn exactly how to find the “right” client, how to provide value up front, negotiate, and ultimately onboard them and get paid.    Designed For All Digital Niches: This course is for all kinds of digital services from email marketing, paid ads, web design, and any other kind of digital service.    Contracts & Templates: Streamline your processes and organize your business by using proven templates and contracts so everyone’s on the same page.Now it’s your turn. Start today!Dee dengCo-founder ofright hook digitalMeet your instructorDee DEnGI wanted to make a course for new agency owners who want to focus on building a high-quality, sustainable business…by acquiring the right kind of clients, setting expectations with them from the start, and over-delivering.He is the co-founder of Right Hook Digital, a digital agency which hit $250,000 per month in sales… within its first 14 months!Recognised as Australia’s top 100 fastest growing companies in 2020 and 2021, it achieved year-on-year growth of 266% and 81.9% respectively.Dee is also a leading authority in the digital marketing world. He has spoken on stage at Affiliate World Conferences and Ad World Conference.Along the way, he launched the “Growth & Greatness Show” where he interviewed top minds like Ezra Firestone, Justin Brooke, Tom Breeze, Nick Shackelford and many more.Inspired by these conversations, as well as his first-hand experience, he now mentors agency owners to avoid common pitfalls and speed up their learning curve.Featured In:Partnered With:What People Say About BeingMentored by DeeNick ShackelfordNick Shackelford, Founder of STRUCTURED SOCIAL’I’ve been fortunate enough to learn a lot of what I know about building an agency, about building a company and about just being an overall good leader from Dee Deng. And I am proud to say that he is one of my good friends, now after the years that we’ve been working together.’Brandon FinkBrandon FINk, Founder of WKND digital“Dee has been with us from doing less than $1 million to on track to $20 million a year. Dee always has the right book, the right analogy and the right advice. And above being a great entrepreneur, he is an even better person.”Joshua JohnstonJoshua Johnston, Founder of POCKET OPS“I am super excited that Dee is taking this opportunity with Foundr because he’s got so much knowledge in the agency space. He’s one of the people who has been leading the charge over the last few years. It’s been really incredible to watch his growth and his ability to shift within the marketplace.”Eric CarlsonEric Carlson, Founder of Sweat Pants Agency“This is going to change your life and it will also going to change your agency’s life. When it comes to building an agency, I never met anyone better than Dee. If you look at what he’s accomplished with Right Hook Digital, he’s accomplished what take agency owners decades to figure out. He’s built systems & processes that allow his team to operate & get better all the time, even if he isn’t there. ”Also this!Jason how – Managing director of agency JHe Created“Dee is the real deal. When I reached out to consult him on how he structured his agency and hired talents, he shared generously. It was his sharing that led to a breaktrough in our agency operations, aloowing us to scale past the intial ceiling we were stuck at.If you get a chance to learn from Dee,dont give it up!”DEpesh manadalia – Founder and CEO of SM COmmerceHe Created“Dee Deng’s rise from curious media buyer to an operational leader has been phenomenal to watch. He’s gone from scaling ad accounts to scaling people, systems and his own agency. All with a big smile and heart to help others along the way. An inspiration for newbies and OGs alike.More results?Here are the receipts:    Dee’s agency is faciliating impressive growth for their clients, like this     30% month on month growth.    Dee is a sought after speaker at digital marketing conferences     throughout the world.orkshop with Shopify    Just another impressive result achieved by the     Right Hook team for one of their clients.    Dee Deng and the ecommerce legend Ezra Firestone.    Dee hanging out with fellow digital marketers     Nick Shackelford and Jake Schmidt.    Dee on the stage at Affiliate World Asia.    Dee’s public knowledge sharing is well received     by audiences around the world.    Yet another impressive Right Hook result:     10 ROAS for one of their client’s campaign.Now it’syour turn!WHAT’S WAITING FOR YOU INSIDEModule 1Module 2Module 3Module 4Module 5Module 6Module 1:Kickstart Your Agency JourneyThe 1st module is all about getting your foundation right before we dive deeper into the course material.    New agency owner? Let’s land your first client. Get clear on who your ideal client is, approach them with confidence and pitch them like a pro.    Already running an agency? We’ll assess the state of your business and identify what needs to be prioritized for ‘headache-free’ growth.    Solo lifestyle business, 100+ person agency or somewhere in between? Get ultra-clear on what success looks… so you love what you’re building!    Don’t waste weeks (or months) mulling over your ideal client avatar. Dee will show you how to quickly validate or refine your assumptions.    Why Should I Join You? Get clear on your ‘Ikigai’ so that key stakeholders such as clients and employees enthusiastically buy into your vision.Here at Foundr we have a strict “no guru policy”. We’ve had this since Day 1, all the way back in 2013. It means we only work with leading practitioners of their craft.Foundr instructors must meet a stringent set of qualifications in order to be able to work with us to create a course for our community. One of them being that they must be an actual founder who has built a successful business (oftentimes multiple) in the exact field they will be teaching you in. We allow zero fluff, zero theory, and zero bs.So when you invest the time and money into a Foundr course, you can be absolutely certain you’re learning proven content from someone who’s done it before.    Dee’s already wasted the time and money learning what does and doesn’t work. He’s made all the mistakes so now you don’t have to.    As you follow his advice and launch your agency the right way…    You’ll build a profitable business and brand you’re proud of with dream clients who appreciate you and brag about the results they’ve achieved…    You’ll enjoy a lifestyle of freedom while working from anywhere in the world without ever worrying about a boss looking over your shoulder…    And you’ll take your financial future into your own hands knowing that no matter what happens in the world you’re in control of your own destiny.    Plus inside the course, Dee will show you how to land 2-3 clients who each pay you $3-5,000 per month. Compare that with Ignite Your Digital Agency which retails for $1997.    All it takes is for you to land 1-2 clients for this course to pay for itself.    Better yet – we’re knocking off $1,000 for our limited time launch special. So you’ll only pay $997 when you enroll today while also being protected by our 365-day guarantee.5 SIMPLE STEPS TO GET  STARTED TODAY    1. Click the “Sign Up Now” button anywhere on this page.    2. Enter your billing details in our secure and encrypted checkout portal.    3. Open your welcome email & access your entire course curriculum and bonuses.    4. Begin building your online store knowing you’re protected by our 365-day guarantee.    5. Reach out to us anytime at [email protected] with any questions or comments.AS PART OF YOUR PURCHASE, YOU’LL ALSO  RECEIVE FREE ACCESS TO THESE 8 AWESOME BONUSES$1,997 FREEBonus 1Ignite Your Agency 2-For-1 LicenseSince we know how important it is to have business partners or team members on the same page when growing an agency, we’re giving you a 2-for-1 license so that your business partner or team member could join in the training absolutely free!FREEBonus 24x Live Q&A Calls With Your Instructor Dee DengSubmit your most burning questions and we’ll shortlist the hottest ones for Dee to answer!We’ll be running live Q&A calls every quarter over the next 12 months.FREEBonus 3Agency Client Honey TrapWhen you meet prospects who can’t seem to commit, pull out this technique to drastically increase close rates… while having your new clients love you for it. This tactic is seriously a game changer. Once you implement it correctly, it could easily pay for this course many times over.FREEBonus 4The Exponential Branding EffectBelieve it or not, a huge part of Dee’s agency success comes from his personal brand. And in this bonus, he will reveal how to synergize your business and personal brands to create the “echo chamber effect” around your dream clients.This practically makes it impossible for them to ignore you, as you’ll stand out as the category leader in their minds.FREEBonus 5The Gentle Close TechniqueClosing prospects with aggressive sales tactics can cause both parties to feel yucky about the entire experience.Definitely not great for first impressions nor the best way to kick-start long-lasting client-agency relationships!Demonstrated through role play, Dee will show you how to convert prospects into clients by using his signature approach called “The Gentle Close Technique”.FREEBonus 6The 2nd BrainKnowledge without implementation is useless. Top business builders know this, that’s why they focus on both rapid learning AND implementation.Dee will reveal his unique note-taking system for storing research, ideas, and inspirations. This system makes information retrieval and implementation stunningly simple.Which is great news if you plan to fully leverage the content provided in this course and maximize your agency’s results.FREEBonus 7An Agency Owner’s Must-Read Book ListDee has carefully curated 27 books that have helped him grow a hyper-successful 115-person agency from scratch.Consider these books essential companions when you run into questions around sales, market positioning, leadership, scaling up, and much, much more.FREEBonus 8Million-Dollar Agency TemplatesAccess Dee’s exclusive vault of agency templates responsible for his agency’s meteoric rise! It covers an extensive range of topics, from client proposals to cold emails to landing page hacks.Secure $1,000 OffSpecial Launch Offer Ignite Your Digital Agency Starts May 2nd, 2022    6 Easy-To-Follow Training Modules    40+ In-Depth Video Lessons    Professionally Produced Workbook    8 Exclusive Bonuses worth $1,997    Limited-time Discount of $1,000 when you Sign Up today    365-Day Money Back Guarantee    Foundr 24/7 Customer Supportfull digital course accessUS$9971 single paymentplus free exclusive bonuses    Access to the entire course (Course commences May 2nd 8am US Eastern)    Professionally produced follow-along workbooks    8x additional bonusesfull digital course access3 X US$3973-monthly paymentplus free exclusive bonuses    Access to the entire course (Course commences May 2nd 8am US Eastern)    Professionally produced follow-along workbooks    8x additional bonusesPLUS IT’S ALL BACKED BY  OUR 365-DAY GUARANTEEWe do NOT guarantee you’re going to make any specific amount of money here. How much you make is entirely up to how much you apply, and how much effort you put in.However, we are so confident that “Ignite Your Agency” has the power to change your life… that we’re offering you a 365-day Guarantee.Our 365-Day Guarantee gives you a full year to try out the course, risk-free. We are so confident that you will get results that we’ll give you an entire calendar year to complete the course and implement the teachings. And if you’re not PUMPED with your results within a year despite doing the work, we’ll give you a full refund. For full details of our policy, please read the section “Refund Policy—“Ignite Your Digital Agency” on the Terms & Conditions page.Grow Your Digital Agency Now!Get $1,000 Off When You Join Our 1st Cohort Starting May 2nd.Frequently Asked Questions    Should I quit my job to start an agency?    While that’s an individual choice, we strongly suggest you hold off until you earn enough income from your agency. That way, you can transition smoothly without experiencing potential financial stress.    I’ve encountered other agency courses. What makes this different?    Should I enroll if I don’t have any clients yet?    What if I don’t have ambitions to grow a huge agency?    What if I’m based in [remote location]?    What if there are already lots of agency competition in my [location]?    How much time should I allocate to the course?    Will it require lots of money to start an agency?    Is there a payment plan available?    How does your refund policy work?    What if I need extra support beyond the course?    Will this offer be available again at this price?ABOUT USFoundr is a global media and education company that connects millions of  people every month with some of the most successful living entrepreneurs of our generation. Entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss and many  more. Foundr breaks down their  strategies and experiences into actionable, battle-tested content through magazines, podcasts, videos, blogs, and online courses — so that you too can start, build, and grow a successful business.We only work with practitioners who  have built one or more successful businesses. Our mission is to democratize entrepreneurial education and bring it to the masses to help entrepreneurs build and grow successful businesses and to create the future generation of entrepreneurs that drive humanity forward.    countries around    the world    magazines    followers    PODCASTSHere’s What Just Some  Of Our Students Have To Say…    Based on 100+ ReviewsWe are trusted by thousands around the world“Owner of 8 figure business and  wouldn’t go to war without Foundr”Long term subscriber to Foundr have   engaged in a number of their courses and naturally a reader of their online content and magazine. My organisations have grown exponentially over the past 3 years and it is   no coincidence during this period my team  have eaten everything up that Foundr has to offer. Start and Scale course and Sabri’s   course are the two standouts for me. Cant recommend enough, Foundr is a must have  if you really want to hustle in biz.Rory Boyle“I’m so impressed”I’m so impressed with Foundr. Instagram Domination is an amazing program. I am in  awe of the quality of the content, the fact  that it is not just theoretical, its backed with  real  life proof , is practical and actionable. Thank you Nathan Chan! Im so impressed  with Foundr. Instagram Domination is an amazing program. I am in awe of the quality  of the content, the fact that it is not just theoretical,  its backed with real life proof,   is practical and actionable.   Thank you Nathan ChanBernadette Janson“The courses are some of thebest on the web”Hugely impressed by all of the brilliant  content that Foundr continues to creates and share. The courses are some of the best on the web and the magazine itself is so brilliantly put together. Top quality content  and teachings all round.Sue HayNow it’s your turn. Start today!Foundr Magazine. Learn from some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation.Seth Godinfoundr young entrepreneur magazineArianna Huffingtonfoundr young entrepreneur magazineGary Vaynerchukfoundr young entrepreneur magazineRichard Bransonfoundr young entrepreneur magazineTony Robbinsfoundr young entrepreneur magazineCorcoranfoundr young entrepreneur magazineSophia Amorusofoundr young entrepreneur magazineMark Cubanfoundr young entrepreneur magazine

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

How and when will I receive the product?
Immediately after the payment, you will get a Mega.nz link to download the product (like a google drive folder). The link will be sent to your email account immediately, and you can always get the link on your account history too.

Is the course complete, or is it just a demo version?
The course is 100% completed and updated (includes ALL videos, pdfs, files, screenshots, everything); after you pay, you get a link to download the course Immediately.

What is your refund policy?
We will send you a full refund if you don’t get the complete course you ordered and we can’t solve the problem in the following 24 hours. Please get in touch with us if you want a refund. Your refund request will be processed within 24 hours

How can I trust you?
We show screenshots from the course, give you a video sample, and show you the folder where you will get access to download the course; that is proof that we have the course.
Also, you don’t need to trust us; you will be protected by PayPal buyer protection; if we don’t send you the course, you can ask Paypal to give your money back

Which types of payment do you accept?
Paypal and Crypto coins
We’ve partnered with PayPal to handle billing and provide a secure socket layer, and 256-bit encryption. So in layman’s terms: Your credit card is secure.
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All registration information is automatically encrypted and anonymous, so it’s safe.
We don’t even use your name on our testimonials.
You can even use fake info; we don’t need your real name. We understand you want to protect your privacy.

What if my product has problems?
If your course has a problem, please send us a screenshot and tell us the problem. Then, we will solve the problem.
We will send a full refund when the problem can’t be resolved.

Can I ​Request courses I found somewhere?
Yes, send the information from the course you want to our chat or email at [email protected]

​Are all of the ​courses available straight away, or is it time-released (drip fed)?
You get all the content immediately; You don’t have to wait.

How can I get support from you?
We are confident provide for all of you an excellent service. If you have any problems, please contact us via Live chat. If we are not online, send us an email at [email protected] We will solve the problem quickly as possible!

What is NOT included?
Facebook Group Access
Support from the course creators
Mastermind or calls.

Do I need to purchase anything else once I get this course?
NO, you don’t need to get a premium subscription or download torrent software.

How long do I have access to the course?
Forever. You bought the course, and you own it for life. Access it anytime you want. You’ll also get all the course updates and new lessons for FREE forever.

Is my credit card secure?
Yes. We’ve partnered with PayPal to handle billing and provide a secure socket layer, and 256-bit encryption. So in layman’s terms: Your credit card is secure.
Card information is stored ONLY by Paypal secure server (We never have access to your payment information)

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