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Future Fund by Aryeh Sheinbein Julie Stoian Sales Page

Future Fund by Aryeh Sheinbein Julie Stoian Sales Page

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Future Fund by Aryeh Sheinbein Julie Stoian Download

Future Fund by Aryeh Sheinbein Julie Stoian Download

Future Fund by Aryeh Sheinbein Julie Stoian mega.nz

Future Fund by Aryeh Sheinbein Julie Stoian mega.nz

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​AS SEEN ONGet Your Financial PictureIn Focus To Make YourDream Future Possible.We can hear you laughing… getting your financial picture in focusis like putting pantyhose on an Octopus.CUE THE STRESS REACTION.If you’re like the majority, opening your bank app on yourphone makes your heart beat faster… whether there’s money in there or not.Whichever way you slice it… The money convo sucks:•••••••There’s never enough of itInvesting is confusing + overwhelmingImmediate needs always take precedence over the futureNo one wants to put off living today for the sake of a tomorrow that might never comeMost households just spend money with literally no idea where it’s going because of the shame attached to spendingThere’s a million different people giving advice, showcasing too-good-to-be-true investments that leave you feeling fomoMost of us are in debt (hello 28 trillion dollar deficit)The worst part is these aren’t even myths…It’s all true and normal, but don’t leave……Because this just might be the conversation that changes everything.Let’s try a quick exercise together.Put your preconceived ideas of budgeting, financial discipline, debt reduction, and the dreaded envelope system down for a minute.More importantly, put down any shame & guilt you have around money.Phew… feeling better already? Good… Because here comes some good news…Changing your future is not complicated.It requires you to do four things (they are simple to do, but not easy… but nothing worthwhile ever is).Here’s The Solution To Money + Investing Confusion01.MIND THE GAPIn order to change your future, you have to first understand where you are (guilt free), and the gap that lies between today and tomorrow.Most people don’t do this because of shame around money + budgets. Instead, We need to throw the budget out for good, and really get a good grasp of how your lifestyle shakes out in terms of dollars and cents.02.Build the BridgeNext, you’ll need a plan to bridge that gap. A plan that you can actually use, in real life, when unpredictable things happen.Inevitably there’s a gap, and that’s okay. That’s normal! Instead of spinning out with excessive restrictions or binges, let’s build a plan we’re in charge of. One that feels good and works with a life that is anything but static.The spreadsheet doesn’t tell us what to do. We tell the spreadsheet what we do. The shift is subtle, but massive.03.dig for the goldOnce you have those two things, it’s time to dive into the weeds and harvest some investable cash, even if you think you have none right now (or are drowning in debt).This is a combination of strategy, tactic, and mindset. Most people here push off their dream of tomorrow further and further away, while they attend to immediate financial crunches like debt and emergency funds.There’s a new way to look at investing, backed by psychology and money principles.04.pick your poniesLastly, you need a framework for picking solid investments that match your personality, lifestyle, interests, and money on hand.All those great money books do no good if the information stays in your head. It’s hard to shift through someone else’s opinion and money story to make sure it’s the right fit for you.So it’s time to create a framework around your current cash situation, your personality, your interest level, and your desired risk threshold.Some of you might be saying yes I want this!You avoidant types are slowly moving to click the X on this page.Don’t.Yes. This will take some courage.“Plan for what it is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.”― Sun Tzu, The Art of WarBut we promise, it’s worth it.(Especially because we are going to toss the restrictive bossypants family budget into the trash for good.)FF includes:It doesn’t matter if you have $10,000,000 or $10…Future Fund uses time tested real life strategy to help you…••••Small business ownersFreelancersScaling entrepreneursEmployees with an active side-hustle1. Identify your 4 core numbers that drive your current and future financial decisions2. Understand the core 7 types of investments3. Harvest the first amount of investable cash4. Build a framework for solid investment decisions5. Get back in the driver’s seat, make the investment, and change your storyWith Future Fund, here are some of the things you can look forward to…    Know exactly how much money you need to fund the lifestyle you want….even after you stop working    Gain confidence in your investment decisions without worrying that you’re listening to a financial planner who’s trying to sell you something not in your best interest    Never get scammed into a risky investment again    Pick investment types that don’t tie up your money forever (cough cough, 401ks)    Anticipate your future expenses and lifestyle so you don’t get caught in an investment that’s too expensive    Manage your lifestyle and investments without needing a restrictive budget    Get your spendy spouse on board, without having to police their spending habits    Understand the rate of return, tax implications, risk/benefit analysis of each of the big 7 types of investments    Speak confidently about investing, without worrying that you’re saying something off the wall    Transform your mindset around money and investing so you feel in charge of your finances    Build a financial map that you can come back to again and again…one that’s flexible enough to endure changesMost importantly, with Future Fund, you can CHANGE your money story. How you use it, spend it, invest in it, and live with it. With a combination of education, strategy, and mindset work, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat with your finances, even if they feel like a hot mess right now.Yes! Tomorrow Starts Today! I’m Ready to Start My Future FundPayment Plan Also Available >What You’ll Master In Future FundModule 1 Your Financial MapBuild an accurate snapshot of the cost of your current lifestyle.Discover how you live and how that impacts your finances. Throw away all guilt and shame, and explore what you want and what it costs to fulfill those desires. Plus, we’ll put to death the traditional family budget for good.    Stop living by a restrictive budget    Build a true picture of the lifestyle you want to live    Know Your Core Number #1Module 2 The Pot Of GoldKnow exactly what you need to invest to live the life you want, without working til the day you die.99% of people have no idea how to fund their lifestyle to the end. In Module 2, you will quickly be able to figure this out, and learn how to structure your business finances to maximize what you can invest into your future.    Know Your Core Numbers #2 + #3    A clear roadmap for how to structure your business finances to maximize investable cash    Leverage Parkinson’s Law to enact change even if you don’t earn another centModule 3 Consumption To ProductionPut your money to work for you!Create an investing plan around your core number #4, plus build a clear to do list of how to adjust your numbers if your current situation isn’t ideal.    Know Your Core Number #4    Create a game plan for generating the rate of return you need on your money    Shed the consumerism story we’re all told, and become a producerModule 4 The Big 7Finally understand the 7 most popular types of investments, and the benefits and downsides to each.Take a deep dive into stocks, fixed income investments, cash value life insurance, real estate investing, cryptocurrency, investable businesses, and collectibles & NFTs.    Learn the benefits & downsides to each    Discover the multitude of options inside each one of The Big 7    Real life examples to see how it could work in your financial planModule 5 Unearthing Your Investable CashUsing the rule of 72 and our best cash hacks, we’ll help you find your first investable money.Once you’ve got a good vision for where you are (and where you want to be), Module 5 will help you find money you didn’t know you had to make your first investment. This is a combination of financial gymnastics and mindset work.    Learn the rule of 72 and use it to make investing seem doable    Deploy our cash finding strategies to get your first amount ready to go    Transform your thinking around investing permanently – from overwhelm to funModule 6 The Investment FilterUse our framework to pick the right investment container for your investable cash.Avoid that feeling of missing out or shiny object syndrome when you see someone talking about their “big ROR” on an investment. Know what you want, and why you want it, and pick the right vehicles to optimize your rate of return that also aligns with your personality and lifestyle.    Use our investment filter to avoid bad investments for you    Know the rate of return you need    Get resources for where to start with each of the big 7 types of investingYes! I’m Ready to Start Building the Future If you fail to plan, you are planning to failPayment Plan Available >>Inside each module you’ll get live training, expert advice, andthe worksheets + examples to take action on your own finances!Plus, included with Future Fund are some pretty epic extras!BONUS#1 Your Personality + MoneyGuest training with Nicole McDonough on what common strengths (and areas of focus) there are for each of the 9 personality types when it comes to your views and relationship with money.BONUS#2 Building Your Credit With Portia JacksonBad credit got you down? This bonus will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.BONUS#3 Aryeh’s Take On 20 Of The Most Popular Money AppsShould you use Robinhood? Acorns? Coinbase? Aryeh will take you inside his thoughts about the pros and cons of the popular money apps people are using…so you can make an informed choice.BONUS#4 Inside Julie’s Personal Wealth Building InvestmentsLots of people invest, but don’t share what they are doing SPECIFICALLY. Julie will break down the investments she and Alex have personally done, and which ones they’ve stayed away from…and why.Yes! I’m Ready to Build My Future Fund A Gold Without a Plan is Just a WishPayment Plan Available >>The Future Fund PromiseJoin Future Fund, explore the materials, and attend the live call. If after 14 days, you feel that this course is not going to help you discover your four core numbers, help you find investable cash, reframe the way you see how your business + personal finances work, and give you the best advice on investing, feel free to email us at  for a full refund.“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”― Warren BuffettYes! Let’s Start Planting SeedsPayment Plan Available >>FF includes:And these bonuses:••••••Module 1: Your Financial MapValue $197Module 2: The Pot Of GoldValue $197Module 3: Consumption To ProductionValue $197Module 4: The Big 7Value $197Module 5: Unearthing Your Investable CashValue $197Module 6: The Investment FilterValue $197BONUS #1: Your Personality + MoneyValue $197BONUS #2: Fixing Your Credit with Portia JackstonValue $197BONUS #3: Aryeh’s Take On 20 Of The Most Popular Money AppsValue $197BONUS #4: Inside Julie’s Personal Wealth Building InvestmentsValue $197Total Value = $2,167Regular Price = $997Today’s Price = Only $697OR 4 payments of $197/monthYes! Let’s Start Building My Future Fund The Best Time to Start is Today!ORYes! I’m Ready to Build My Future Fund with a Payment Plan >You Asked, we answeredWill this course work for me if I’m not in the United States?Yes absolutely! We’re giving you time tested money principles that you can use regardless of where you live, and when we get to the investment piece, you will be able to leverage the same strategies with whatever options you have available in your country.I am in debt and don’t have money to invest!Don’t worry. Most people are in your situation. And in fact, it’s one of the big lies that keep people stuck. They never get to “wealth” building mode because they think they don’t qualify until they’re out of debt. Not realizing that getting out of debt is partially about building wealth! This course is especially for you.I’m already working with a financial advisor.Awesome! This course actually will help you in your financial conversations tremendously. Since it’s a strategic course, rather than some 1-size-fits-all tactic, it should work quite nicely with your financial advisor’s plan, and may give you some new ideas!I’m just starting a business and don’t have a lot of money flowing yet.No worries. This course is fully usable even if you’re working with a paycheck. You’ll just use your salary as the starting point. And when your business starts cookin’, you’ll have the materials to look back on.Will this teach me about cryptocurrency?Yes we will cover cryptocurrency as one of the big 7 types of investments.Will you give me advice on what stocks to choose?Aryeh probably won’t whip out his Magic 8 Ball of stocks for this course (kidding), but he will be there to answer your questions and provide best practices on choosing stock options.I’m terrible with money and budgets. Will this force me to live by one?There’s a difference between being a slave to a budget, vs. having a way to document what you’re doing. That’s the simple difference. The spreadsheet isn’t telling you what you can and can’t do with your money. It’s showing you what you did so you can have the information handy to help you make informed choices.What time are the calls and what if I’m not in the right timezone?Everything is recorded and available to you, and all the bonuses are pre-recorded.How much time will this course take?One hour a week for six weeks.FF includes:And these bonuses:••••••Module 1: Your Financial MapValue $197Module 2: The Pot Of GoldValue $197Module 3: Consumption To ProductionValue $197Module 4: The Big 7Value $197Module 5: Unearthing Your Investable CashValue $197Module 6: The Investment FilterValue $197BONUS #1: Your Personality + MoneyValue $197BONUS #2: Building Your Credit with Portia JacksonValue $197BONUS #3: Aryeh’s Take On 20 Of The Most Popular Money AppsValue $197BONUS #4: Inside Julie’s Personal Wealth Building InvestmentsValue $197Total Value = $2,167Regular Price = $997Today’s Price = Only $697OR 4 payments of $197/monthYes! I’m Ready to Build My Future Fund Tomorrow Starts Today!ORYes! I’m Ready to Build My Future Fund with a Payment Plan >Ready for a big A-ha? Here it goes.One of the most important pieces of advice about money and wealth building, we’re going to give you right now (no need to buy the course to learn it).It doesn’t matter how little you have,the best day to start thinking differently about wealth…is today.Most people will read that and have one of two reactions:1.Heard that before (yawn)2.*inserts fingers in ears* I can’t hear what you’re saying because the guilt and shame and fear is too loud and I would rather ostrich.The third option is quieter than those two.It says, “Okay, maybe it’s time I take a closer look. Without judgment or fear or shame.”And we’d gather that this is the first time you will be having the moneydiscussion with a combination of…    Teaching expertise (Julie’s world-renowned teaching style)    Money expertise (Aryeh’s Wall Street money brain)    Personal experience expertise (Julie’s personal experience going from very little to a lot)    Brand expertise (the Funnel Gorgeous vibe – Ethical, fun, and supportive)Yes! Tomorrow Starts Today I’m Ready to Start My Future FundORYes! I’m Ready to Build My Future Fund with a Payment Plan >Your opportunity to join the first (and most likely only)live round of Future Fund ends in…

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